10 Simple And Effective Ideas To Improve Your Home And Enjoy It More All Year

My name is Nazareth, and I am an architect of imperfect homes, those decorations to fill the heart and live fulfilled dreams. So I created a space, DECO Mysteries, in which I share with you the keys of interior design and decoration that will help you build a home that makes you happy. “

10 Simple Ideas To Improve Your Home

1 :  Reorganize Your Distribution

The house is usually accommodated as established and it does not have to be that way. Maybe what your room should be for you should be your work zone or your children’s play area. Because, for how you live your house, those are the activities that you practice most.

2 :  Clear Space

The energy that moves at home sometimes stagnates among so many things we have. I propose to clear your spaces, starting with the ground. Above all the passage areas. They are the communication of your home. If they do not work, the rest does not flow.

3 :  A Place For Everything

This is something that, in addition to helping you clear the spaces, will be your solution to the mess. The answer to the question, how to get a clean house, is to have a place for everything. Know what your site is for, once you finish using it, return it there with ease.

4 :  Aesthetic And Functional Auxiliary

Lean on beautiful baskets or trunks that can be seen by how decorative they are. No need to have large furniture, they are a very functional aesthetic solution.

5 :  Order The Spaces Seen

I do not know about you, but I adore the showcases, the bedside tables and almost any piece of furniture in which I can display my treasures. It seems to me the most personal way to decorate your house and talk about you.

But, of course, those spaces have a double edge. If they are crammed with things, the feeling they produce is quite negative. If you have this type of furniture, put them in order. Remove everything that does not inspire you to see it or break with the harmony of space. It will help you balance.

6 : Create Vineyards That Inspire You

If you do not know very well what to do with those holes, with your shelves or spaces, I encourage you to create vignettes or compositions of elements. Creating personal corners with your favorite pieces, that please your eyes and heart every time you look at them, is simpler than you think.

7 : Subliminal Messages

Living in an environment that inspires you is essential to feel vitality. If you have ever read a book that loads your batteries, it may be because your message helps you to release endorphins.

Imagine what it would be like if you had in your favorite places, those in which you like to spend more time, messages that drive you to achieve what you want or remind you of important moments and people for you. Record that phrase that makes you vibrate and frame it. You can embroider it, paint it, draw it, whatever you give it better. Also, it will always be charged with that radiant energy that you have while you create it.

8 : Makeup With Those Parts That Increase Your Comfort

Cushions, poufs, footrests, armchairs … They are elements that make a difference at home. As well as the tissues, the softer and softer, the more comfortable.

If investing in large pieces is impossible at the moment, do it in small parts that can have many lives and help you to enjoy more at home. It is not the same to read in a hard chair with your feet on the floor, with your back on a good cushion and your feet up. Do not you think?

9 : Points Of Light

The general light is essential, but home and family environments are created with points of view in strategic areas of the house. The lamps or wall lamps are your allies for that.

Identify the corners in which you spend the most time and how you would like to feel in them. If you want to be calm, warm light with a translucent screen that filters the sun will help you. If what you need is concentration, a more focal lamp. For meetings between friends, the appliqués or points of view towards the ceiling will light the room well without dazzling.

10 :  A Touch Of Aromatherapy

The smell is one of the most critical factors in any space. In addition to helping you feel good, you can improve your energy in an instant. Surely it has happened to you to have to leave a place because its smell, although not unpleasant, makes you feel uncomfortable.

I imagine that in your house it does not happen to you, at least not up to that point, but you can improve it even more. With natural essences, with candles, the fewer chemicals, the better. The diffusers are an increasingly important piece in a decoration that takes care of you.

And here are my ten ideas so that you can convert, little by little, your home into an environment that inspires you daily and helps you to live better. It seems incredible that with small actions something can change so much, but I assure you that you will notice it and I would love for you to share it.